Dganit Blechner art pieces

Dganit Blechner was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1957 where she studied at the Camera Obscura College of Visual Arts, The Avni Institute of Arts in Jaffa, and the Ramat-Gan College for the Arts. Dganit got her world-wide reputation for using vivid, bright and cheerful pallet of colours in her works together with extraordinary compositions. The collection consists of icons from movies, singers, and others- related to the world of arts. By expressing a unique perspective of urban life, her collages of cities around the world has won her an exclusive style, which is admired and loved by art collectors all over the world. Dganit is among the first artists to combine video art integrated into a traditional artwork. A variety of techniques are used in her works: prints on different kinds of media, see-through thin fabric, complex laser-cuts on wood and fabric – all with her personal touch and hand work. Dganit Blechner works and lives with her family in Tel Aviv, Israel and her artwork can be seen in private collections and galleries all over the world.
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