Adriana Nave art pieces

Adriana Naveh was born in Mendoza, Argentina, the land of sun and superb wine. Now she’s living in Jerusalem with her two children. The city, a spiritual center for all religions and full of golden light, is a source of inspiration for the artist paintings, even if the city does not appear in them explicitly, its essence does. Her works represent everyday life scenes while carries an atmosphere of spiritual introspection. In the artist canvases, she works mainly with large palette knifes as not to get lost in unnecessary details. This allows her to concentrate her energies in large spaces with just a few energetic and determine stroke of paint. This method enables Naveh to follow her impulses, to paint spontaneously and at the same time, holding back, which helps the synthesis of the shapes. In the last years, Naveh has been exploring new techniques and mediums, ending up painting mostly on large aluminum boards. The transition from painting on canvas, using broad pallet knifes smearing, to aluminum invited the artist to seek a different way of expression. Naveh gradually moved towards softer brush strokes, using vibrant and saturated colors, which plays a balancing role to the frigidity of the surface. The urban theme in Naveh’s works expresses Naveh’s endless search for a “place”. A place for which every person is longing for as a “home”. A place of belonging. The smooth and bright lacquer finishing gives the work a contemporary appearance, which creates a dialog with the nostalgic narrative of the search for a home. 1963 Born in Argentina 1981-1985 Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the De Cuyo University in Argentina. After she graduated in the middle of the eighties in an oppressive and violent atmosphere in Argentina she immigrates to Israel. 1985 Immigrates to Israel 1986-1989 Educated in the art of etching and drawing at the Avni Institute in Tel-Aviv. 1989 Employed as an Artist in the Calman Shemi studio where she become a master at Lacquer paintings 1997-2000 Graduated from Ort career institute as an interior designer. 2000-2015 Currently teaching drawing and painting at a variety of institutions and in private courses
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