Collage of our art

Joel Amit


Joel’s search for small “pixels”, which could construct a larger form, led him to in recent years to art, this time working with metal. Joel established his studio in Jerusalem and is currently creating and presenting a series of works he terms “pixel-art”. This series draws its inspiration from nature, as well as from the computerized world and the doors it opens for artistic creation.

Benda is exclusively represented by Gefen Gallery in Israel and worldwide. his piece “Marilyn Monroe” is part of a larger serious of famous female & male icons in history.  each piece is installed and designed by hand, formed by 10 to 20 layers of metal pieces, high level of finish and accuracy.
all pieces can be displayed indoors and outdoors all year round.



Adriana Naveh

Reflections of Tel Aviv by Adriana Naveh acrylic and lacquer on aluminum - 100x140 cm

 The urban theme in Naveh’s works expresses Naveh’s endless search for a “place”. A place for which every person is longing for as a “home”. A place of belonging.

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